First Year Med School Quiz

First Year: How much did you forget?

1. To prevent a venous thromboembolism before going on an airline trip:

Take a handful of aspirins
Ask the stewardess for a scotch. Better make it a double.
Hook yourself up to IV heparin drip
Jump up and down furiously screaming, "I'll get that blood pumping!"

2. A deficiency in this molecule will result in:

Ice cream headache
Either black pee or green pee, I can’t remember
Hypoglucourodonic phosphatemia
The ability to kill Superman

3. Which of the following rotates your eye upward and towards the midline?

Watching that Adam Sandler movie where he plays his own sister
Your brain, duh
The superior rectum

4. What artery supplies Broca’s area?

Broca’s artery?
The carotid artery
The aorta
The ipsilateral dorsothalamic artery

5. The end product of the TCA cycle is

It never ends, it’s a continuous cycle, so there

6. If treated with prolactin, your libido will

start lactating

7. The ejection fraction is calculated as:

mc squared
pi times r squared
Number of alcoholic drinks consumed divided by weight
Heartrate divided by the golden ratio

8. How do you stimulate nociceptors?


9. The H Reflex is

That bang on the knee thing
What happens to my heart when I think of Zac Efron
What separates humans from apes
That new hit series on FOX

10. When you are feeling overwhelmed by medical school, you should go to:

The med school dean
Dean Cain
The head of the Kwik E Mart
That second year you hooked up with at the Christmas party
That isolated, rickety bridge overlying that dark, cold river at the edge of campus

11. The arrow on following slide is in the vicinity of

an eccentric nucleus
a space
I can't see - someone's head is in the way
a cell of some sort, I’d wager

12. If you have severed your posterior cord in a fall, you have lost the ability to:

Plug your cell phone in posteriorly
Play the piano. Wait, you couldn’t do that before.
Flip people off while driving
Give waiters a tip


  1. I love this quiz!

    I'm so glad that my didactic year is almost over!

  2. I got the lowest score of anyone to take the quiz so far! MS1 in two months....

  3. Step 2 has a few questions on it from Step 1, precisely so TPTB can see whether much of that knowledge has been retained. Very few Step 2'ers get them right.

  4. Ah, and A-! Even if it's not real, it still satisfies my need for external validation...:)

    ER MD

  5. Apparently, I have yet to attend medical school.

    Which is encouraging, since I have yet to be apply, be accepted, or attend medical school.

    Back to studying for the MCAT...I'm never going to get in....

  6. This is my OCD speaking but... "your score". Not "you're". Chances are, it was default autocorrected to "you're", which my phone does all the time.