Praise for The Devil Wears Scrubs

Official Somerset Awards 2013 Finalist

Winner of Indie Book of the Day

"I found it to be an accurate, and funny, portrayal of intern life (except I wasn't dating a hunky surgeon)." --Dr. Grumpy in the House

"Those who do not have a background in clinical (or other) medicine will still be able to relate to the human story. Basically it's the story of a woman starting her first job after finishing her training, and having the Evil Boss of Doom -- who, as it happens, may actually not be completely heartless. Throw in a McDreamy (hot hunky surgeon) & you really can't lose, can you?" --Vets Behaving Badly

"Imagine an easy read with laugh out loud moments, a touch of Grey’s Anatomy, and just a hint of horror about what my future holds and you have The Devil Wears Scrubs." --The Hero Complex

"McFadden does a good job of showing how one can maintain her humanity in a system designed to squeeze it out of us." --Glass Hospital, ACP Internist

"From the very first chapter, I was hooked on this book, and read it in a couple of days. It has humor, flowed very easily, and Doctor Jane McGill is the type of character I grew to like instantly. I loved her sense of humor, and her internal commentary about the situations she finds herself in as she works with the patients that are under her care." --One More Chapter Reviews

"An experience so miserable, it's funny." --Mothers in Medicine

"I really enjoyed this book. There are quite a few novels and memoirs out there about medical education experiences, but what I enjoyed about The Devil Wears Scrubs was that it had a focus: one really awful resident, and the attempt to survive her onslaughts. That alone puts this novel head and shoulders above your average medical recollections because it provides a substantial plot." --Barefoot Medical Student

"The Devil Wears Scrubs is a humorous look at the weary world of the medical intern. With personal experience as her insight, Freida McFadden crafted a book enjoyable for both the medical community and those who are glad we were never medical interns alike. Great writing and a colorful cast of characters keeps this a quick and enjoyable read." --Adventures in all things Food

"This was a superbly entertaining book, and an exceptionally quick read for me.... The story captured my fancy and my imagination and had me howling out loud more than once." --Laurie's Thoughts and Reviews

"The short chapters are packed with so many raw memories, only slightly muted by the pretense of “fiction” — memories which will ring deep echoes in the minds and souls of anyone who has undergone residency for themselves. The wild variety of patients and the colleagues (ranging from insane to insightful), the constant pressure and tension, the small errors that nobody can forget, the small victories that only you notice and celebrate for yourself — these are the realities which bleed out from the pages of this book. It is a terrific memoir/story, and if you have any experience in medicine, you will enjoy this book." --Dr. Cranquis

"The Devil Wears Scrubs features the powerful one-two punch of nimble writing and hilariously scathing wit. It is a joy to read, if not a bit frightening for up-and-coming residents."

"The Devil Wears Scrubs is a funny book and it is easy to sympathize with Jane.... I suggest you check it out if you're looking for a fun read about the ups and downs of medical training." --Alexa Mieses, The Differential, Medscape

"I love how I got to get a glimpse of how a hospital runs on a resident’s point of view... this is a good read even if you are not in the medical field. I love the dynamics of the characters.--So Many Books, Here's Mine

"The Devil Wears Scrubs by Dr. Freida McFadden is both a truthful exposition and a delightful narrative about working in any medical hierarchy as told by a midsummer’s intern." --American Medical Women's Association

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