Buy A Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor today!

Do you think becoming a doctor is funny? Yes, me too. Medical school? Hilarious. Residency? Hilarious. Doctors? Really hilarious. And have you ever wished somebody would take all that funny and draw a bunch of cartoons about it and then make it available in book form?

Well, you're not going to believe this but....

That's right! A Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor is now available in handy book form from Amazon and from Lulu for only $12.99!

Some favorite cartoons you'll find within this book:

The 7 Types of Physician Bad Handwriting

Should you ask a question in lecture?

Medical School Personal Statement: Fill in the Blanks

Buy it now from Lulu or from Amazon or as an EBook.

Still not convinced?

Five reasons why you should buy this book:

1) Great present for your nephew who just graduated from med school, and he already has a stethoscope, so you can’t buy him that.

2) Can be placed strategically on coffee table prior to hot date with cute doctor who lives next door.

3) You bought Jorge Cham’s PhD book and all his comics are online. Plus you bought that book with all the funny cake mistakes.

4) Great toilet reading.

5) Book comes highly recommended by:
--Dr. McFizz’s husband
--Dr. McFizz’s mom
--Actually, Dr. McFizz’s entire extended family

Buy it now from Lulu or from Amazon or as an EBook.

Not interested in the book for yourself? Never fear. You can also purchase the book for:




--your favorite doctor

--your least favorite doctor

--that bastard kiss up gunner student on your team

--your senior resident who doesn’t seem to like you no matter how much you kiss up

--your lazy ass son, who needs to quit that damn band and do something productive with his life, maybe medical school

--your dad, in lieu of tie

--your girlfriend, in lieu of engagement ring

--your boyfriend, in lieu of BJ

--homeless guy in front of your building who is building fort out of books

--your future self, for when deforestation causes trees to become extinct and you need toilet paper

Gosh, when you look at it that way, how could you NOT buy this book?

Buy it now from Lulu or from Amazon or as an EBook.